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Coming from a small town just outside Philadelphia, I've always had a flair for the dramatic.  My love of theatre and music led me to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.  While at school, I was also able to further my love of Directing, and was fortunate enough to receive an Emphasis in Directing from the Conservatory!  When I'm not performing, you can find me listening to music, playing sudoku, or dreaming up my next project!

About Zach !

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My latest projects

My Latest Projects



To complete my Emphasis in Directing, I was very fortunate to direct a re-imagined production of Christopher Durgang's Baby with the Bathwater as part of the Conservatory's New Directors Festival. 


I assembled a team of cast members and we embarked on a Zoom Theatre journey of Absurdity and Becoming together.  It is a moment I'm extremely proud of, and won't soon forget!



Finishing out my senior year, I was also able to expand upon my love of Solo Performance and Devising!  Working closely with my professor, Johnny Kuntz, an ensemble of 8 students devised and performed a show inspired by the world of Lewis Carroll and 70s Beat Poetry.

A still from my piece - White Rabbit is shown above! |  610-389-5911

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